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About Paul Sebastian

One of the strongest senses linked to your memory is the sense of smell. Along with our own natural scent, the scents that we select to cover our bodies and clothing will leave a lasting impression of the people we interact with, especially the opposite sex. It may seem hard to believe, but our scent can revive lost memories throughout the course of our lives. Men and women alike respond to the scents that come off the people they're attracted to, and even use that scent to remind them of that special someone when they're away. Once you understand this, it's easy to see how important choosing the right scent is.

Paul Sebastian Colognes and perfumes provide you with an assortment of options that allow you to choose a scent that appeals to the object of your desire, showcases your individuality, and leaves the thought of you lingering with each person you come in contact with. Revered for the subtle, sophisticated, and refined fragrances contained in each vial of perfume and cologne, Paul Sebastian gives you the ability to please the senses, and become a welcome party in any social situation, and on top of that, when you smell good, you feel good. That confidence, coupled with your wonderful scent, will make you the first and last thing on everyone's mind. So when you're looking for the perfect scent to adorn your body, choose a brand that understands how important scent is. Choose Paul Sebastian.

Paul Sebastian Best Sellers

Paul Sebastian Paul Sebastian Mens 2-ounce Cologn...
Paul Sebastian Paul Sebastian Mens 2-ounce Cologne Spray

Paul Sebastian Paul Sebastian Mens 2-ounce Cologne Spray
From Paul Sebastian comes the luxurious Paul Sebastian 2-ounce cologne spray. This sensuous fragrance features notes of aromatic spices, hints of sweet florals and citrus plus the richness of soft woods and musk. Design house: Paul Sebastian ...
PS by Paul Sebastian 2 Piece Gift Set for Men
$18.89 - $26.76
up to $0.94
2 Stores
Paul Sebastian - Cologne Splash - 240ml/8oz
$26.99Sale $20.69 - $76.00
up to $1.62
6 Stores
Design by Paul Sebastian Perfume Eau de Parfum Spray 3.4 oz for Women
$55.00Sale $21.99
Design Design By Paul Sebastian Fine Parfum Spray For Women 3.4 oz
$16.19 - $24.99
up to $1.50
5 Stores

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