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About Play Along

Play Along Toys was founded in 1999 and is based in Florida, a wholly owned division of Jakks Pacific. The company's first product toy line featured Britney Spears. During the course of four years, Play Along sold over $100 million of that line. The company partnered with other companies of major successful motion pictures, such as Spy Kids 2, Cat in the Hat and Lord of the Rings. Dolls and playsets based on Disney Channel TV series are also featured, such as Cheetah Girls and Hannah Montana. In 2004, Play Along was acquired by Jakks Pacific, Inc., a top United States consumer product company.

After the success with new toy product lines, Play Along ventured into the past, reintroducing past popular toys, such as Doodle Bear, Cabbage Patch Kids, Care Bears, Trolls and Sky Dancers. The brand has been a leader in Play Along plush and Play Along dolls for a number of years and has recently moved into the world of competitive sports with Speed Stacks. Speed Stacks is the official equipment for the new fast-action game of sport stacking. The sport entails stacking cups on a four-cup base, then three cup level, followed by a two-cup level and finally one cup on the top of the stack.