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About Tag Heuer

TAG Heuer has a rich history dating back to 1860 when Edouard Heuer founded the watch making company Edouard Heuer and Co. in St. Imier, Switzerland. In 1887, Heuer patented an oscillating pinion which is still used by major watchmakers worldwide. Edouard died in 1892 and his son Jules-Edouard and his brother Charles-Auguste succeeded him and carried on the Heuer business. In 1911, Heuer patented the first dashboard chronograph watch that he named the “Time of Trip.” It was designed for car drivers and pilots because of the hands indicating the duration of a trip and a top-mounted crown allows the user to set the time and it also operates the start-stop-reset of a trip counter.

The first wrist chronograph watch was introduced by Heuer in 1914, adapted from the pocket chronograph watch and in 1916 he introduced the Micrograph, the first stopwatch accurate to 1/100th of a second. The Semikrograph soon followed that was accurate to 1/50th of a second. In the 1930s and 1940s, Heuer designed chronographs for German air force pilots and by the mid-1940s he had designed the “Triple Calendar” chronograph that included the day-date-month of a full calendar.

In the 1950s, Heuer designed watches for Abercrombie & Fitch called the “Seafarer” and the “Auto-Graph.” The Seafarer had special dials to show the high and low tides and track the phases of the moon. The Auto-Graph was made with a tachymeter that helped a rally driver or navigator determine if the car was going fast enough over a mile. During the 50s, Heuer also designed more dashboard timepieces for ski and motor racing events such as for Formula One racecars.

In the mid-1960s, Heuer joined forces with Breitling and Hamilton to introduce the world's first automatic chronograph. Heuer's first automatic chronographs were the Autavia, Carrera and the Monaco. By the early-1970s Heuer expanded the line of automatic chronographs by adding six more models. In 1975, Heuer introduced the Chronosplit, a digital chronograph with LED and LCD displays.

TAG Heuer was formed in 1985 when TAG (Techniques d'Avant Garde) who manufactured ceramic turbochargers for Formula One cars acquired Heuer. Today, TAG Heuer has a museum that showcases 150 years of Heuer heritage. They continue to create innovative, precise and performance timepieces.

Tag Heuer Best Sellers

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Tag Heuer CAU1110. FT6024 Mens F1 Black Dial Black Strap Watch

Tag Heuer CAU1110. FT6024 Mens F1 Black Dial Black Strap Watch
This stylish men's 'Formula 1' watch from Tag Heuer features a stainless steel case with a coordinating black rubber strap. The black dial sets the stage for hourly stick markers, date window at 4:30 and three subdials. Cas...
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Tag Heuer Men's CV201AH.BA0725 'Carrera' Black Dial Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch
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Tag Heuer Women's WAT1313.BA0956 Link Diamond Pink Guilloche Dial Steel Watch
Tag Heuer Men's WAU111A.BA0858 'Formula...
Tag Heuer Men's WAU111A.BA0858 'Formula 1' Black Dial Stainless Steel Alarm Watch
$1,461.99Sale $1,242.69
Tag Heuer Men's WAZ2113.FT8023 'Formula...
Tag Heuer Men's WAZ2113.FT8023 'Formula 1' Black Dial Black Rubber Strap Automatic Watch

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