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About Umbra

Umbra began in 1979 with two childhood friends Les Mandelbaum and Paul Rowan joining their creative forces to create everyday products into products aesthetically beautiful. Their first product was a printed widow shade, new to the market at that time.

Umbra continued to develop into a fashion team creating new, contemporary, casual, yet affordable products designed for the home. Umbra designs and manufacturers products for every room, from garbage cans, kitchenware, window treatments, picture frames, furniture, tabletop accessories, decorative hardware and bathroom accessories. Their wide range of sophisticated aesthetics from raw to sleek can be found at contemporary design specialty stores.

Umbra paper towel holders are an example of a simple, mundane product brought to a different level by Umbra design. Umbra designs and manufactures affordable, contemporary, casual products for every room of the house.

Umbra caddies allow you to organize your shower necessities, such as soaps, shampoos, razors, sponges and even small children's bath toys. After your relaxing shower, you can step onto an Umbra bath mat.

Organization is built into the Umbra name. Most products are meant to help you organize your life with style. Umbra coat racks will help you organize your seasonal outerwear as well as that of your guests.

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