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About Westinghouse

Perhaps Westinghouse, the company of “firsts”, and not necessity, is the father of invention. Beginning with his patent for the rotary steam engine in 1865, George Westinghouse leaves a remarkable legacy of inventiveness which carries through the company's history and development, from the first high-voltage transmission lines installed in 1891 to the first continuous filament tungsten light bulb in 1909. While Mr. Westinghouse retired in 1910, the company continued innovating, and George still contributed, gaining a total of 361 patents and founding 60 companies over the course of his life. 1917 saw the first all-electric Westinghouse range for the kitchen, followed by the first factory-built radio receivers for the home in 1922. In fact, year after year, Westinghouse poured out one invention after another, from the wall-mounted washing machine for laundromats to the first electric clothes dryer, and it was Westinghouse cameras that went to the moon with Neil Armstrong in 1969, the same year the company developed the first microwave oven.

Still innovating, the company introduced their InstaLoc system of Westinghouse ceiling lights and Westinghouse ceiling fans for the easiest installation method ever developed for ceiling fixtures. They were the first to comply with Energy Star, from fixtures and home accents like Westinghouse chandeliers, Westinghouse sconce lights to the light bulbs, themselves. From lighting accessories like candelabra lamps to home appliances such as dishwashers and fans, as well as electronics including flat screen TVs and computer monitors, Westinghouse's innovation still shines!

Westinghouse Best Sellers

Westinghouse LD-4680 - 46" LED TV
Westinghouse LD-4680 - 46'' LED TV
Sam's Club

Westinghouse LD-4680 - 46'' LED TV
Westinghouse LD-4680 - 46" LED TV - 1080p (FullHD) - high-gloss black
Sam's Club
Westinghouse Wireless Headphone up to 100 Feet Range WES-WH930GBHT
$69.99Sale $32.95
Westinghouse 70059 Modern Canopy Kit Brushed Pewter
$5.99Sale $5.37 - $21.86
up to $0.87
3 Stores
Westinghouse Ceiling Medallion. 10 in. Victorian ...
Westinghouse Ceiling Medallion. 10 in. Victorian Ceiling Medallion 7702700
Home Depot
Westinghouse Lighting Conestoga 3 Light Vanity Light
Westinghouse Lighting Conestoga 3 Light Vanity Light

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