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About White Sierra

The White Sierra slogan is “think outside,” an appropriate phrase for such a focused, creative outdoor sportswear company. For over 30 years, the respected brand has delivered amazing, high quality White Sierra apparel to outdoor and snow sports fanatics.

Everyone knows that outdoor athletes like skiers, hikers, and surfers like to live on the edge. They like to live dangerously. White Sierra caters to that daring sensibility while providing sportswear that is durable, fun, accessible, and perfectly suited to a life of outdoor adventure. The brand's designs and ideas have all been taken from the great outdoors - exotic beaches, scorching deserts it, shady forests, quaint towns, and the snowy peaks of the Sierras have all informed and inspired the company's innovative collections.

The brand makes imaginative and fearless outdoor apparel for men, women, and children in numerous categories. It offers outdoor fundamentals like capris, White Sierra shorts, White Sierra tank tops, jackets, and hiking pants. The White Sierra Daytripper line consists of graphic T-shirts, hoodies, and Boho tops, and its Waterbreak collection features river shorts, Bermuda shorts, and pedal pushers. The company even offers insect repellent apparel like hats, long sleeve shirts, and swamp pants.

The success of White Sierra lies in its ability to anticipate the latest trends in outdoor activities and sportswear, and to make those trends come to life.

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