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About Wonderbra

If you live on this planet, you've heard of Wonderbra. One of the most famous names in women's intimate apparel got its start in Europe and quickly became an overnight fashion sensation in the United States when it introduced the Push-Up Plunge Bra in 1994. The bra became such an instant success, that the company sold one every 15 seconds, making it the most popular push-up bra America had ever seen.

Since its illustrious start in the United States, Wonderbra has come to represent femininity, sensuality, and extreme support for women. With enhancement as its main focus, the international phenomenon offers complete collections of Wonderbra Light Lift, add-a-size, Wonderbra Push-Up, and multi-way convertible bras that are virtually impossible to compete with. The company employs crazy patterns and bold shades to kick their bras up a notch. Its bra inventory includes the “Statement Maker,” the “Commitment-Phobe,” and the “Secret Agent,” proving that bras really DO complete a woman's persona.

The iconic brand continues to deliver amazing products designed to empower women and allow them to feel natural, protected, confident, and sexy. As far as intimate apparel goes, Wonderbra is the name that women all over the world trust to keep them, and their bodies, totally covered.