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About World Cuisine

For just under a century, World Cuisine has designed and manufacturer some of the world's premier professional cookware and kitchen utensils. The brand's products have become so popular that they are now distributed to over 120 countries worldwide.

Made for professional and amateur cooks alike, World Cuisine products are reliable, high-tech, and incredibly diverse. The brand develops and constructs industry favorites like World Cuisine ladles and World Cuisine pizza accessories, World Cuisine baking pans, bread baskets, ice molds and a wide variety of bar supplies. The company carefully researches and analyzes the problems that contemporary chefs face in the kitchen, and seeks to solve them through technological innovation and inventive ideas. For instance, the brand's cutlery collection combines form and functionality with non-slip, ergonomic handles and perfects blade balance for safe and effortless cutting.

The food industry is constantly shifting and changing, and World Cuisine isn't just another cookware company. It does the hard work and asks difficult questions in order to satisfy the needs of every customer from a restaurant's head chef to an amazing home cook.