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About Wrangler

As part of the VF Corporation, which also holds Lee, JanSport and The North Face among other top American brands, Wrangler began as the Hudson Overall Company in 1904, later changing its name to Blue Bell. When Blue Bell acquired the Casey Jones Work-Clothes Company in 1943, the company also gained rights to a rarely used brand name - Wrangler. Almost immediately, and with working cowboys in mind, Wrangler jeans were developed after testing over a dozen different designs, including what may be the first pair of jeans with a zipper rather than a button fly. By the mid-1970s, teenagers and Wranglers were inseparable, and the brand known for unshrinking fabric, durable wear and superior comfort surged in popularity. By 1996, one out of every five jeans sold in the United States is a Wranglers jean.

In 2003, Wrangler added two new collections to the label with ProGear hunting apparel, and Riggs Workwear for rugged working conditions, which included corduroy pants, Wrangler shirts, Wrangler carpenter pants. Throughout the years, Wrangler also quietly developed a full line of casual wear, adding durable denim shorts and Wrangler cargo pants to a collection of camp shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies, still focusing on the outdoor lifestyle with every new clothing style. For riding - whether you're on a horse or a motorcycle - work wear, having fun or just relaxing, Wranglers offers the perfect fit in perfect comfort.

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