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About iittala

A Finnish company that specializes in modern houseware design, iittala was established in the 1880s as a glassware company. Founded by a Swedish entrepreneur in Finland, iittala began with the purchase of a glass factory. In 1917 the company was purchased by another the Karhula glass company and became the Karhula-Iitttala glass factory. Although the company profited from manufacturing bottles for scientific use and commercial use, the 1920s and 1930s became a time for artistry and experimentation for the company's design team. It was during this time that iittala began manufacturing glassware for household use.

Although there were a few bumps in the road in the company's history, it remained largely successful, growing as a company and building its reputation worldwide as a household name in domestic glassware. Interestingly enough, the company is largely owned by Fiskars with 97% of its stock held by the giant of the gardening tool industry. Iittala, however, remains wholly dedicated to the creation, manufacturing, and sales of highly ornate and quality glassware for the home.

Their impressive product line includes iittala glassware for various domestic uses. Their product line is broken down into four dominant categories: Eating, iittala drinking, iittala cooking, and iittala decorating. They also feature seasonal products, as well as specialty collections. For over one hundred years iittala has become a globally recognized name for high quality designs at affordable prices.