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Diamond Pave 1/7 Carat (ctw) Pendant in White Gold with Chain
Editor's Pick: Diamond Pave 1/7 Carat (ctw) Pendant in White Gold with Chain

How to Buy Diamond Pave Jewelry

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Does she love diamonds? Do you wish that you could pave the road with them, a special path to your heart for the love of your life -- a path that stretches to eternity? Well, a diamond crusted road may not be in your future, but micro pave jewelry or the micro pave road is available now -- a pave (pronounced: pavay) pair of heart shaped earrings or a beautiful pave pendant -- is sure to express how you feel. Micro pave offers a new way to create more significance especially in diamond rings taking advantage of bringing out the sparkle and shine in a diamond ring by featuring micro pave all the way to the shank.

The Basics

Step 1What is Pave?: Pave is a technique used to make jewelry. It takes small stones (usually diamonds) and bunches the stones very close together. The idea is to put the stones as close together as possible so the finished product looks as though its paved. When using a Pave setting, no metal can be seen. The stones in this setting are placed into very small holes (drilled in the metal before hand) that sit almost flush with the surface of the jewelry. The stones are secured by the surrounding metal. The actual word Pave comes from the French word pavement.
Step 2Price: Micro Pave is priced very reasonably and is affordable to all jewelry fashionistas.
Step 314K Gold: All Micro Pave jewelry on comes in 14K gold.
Step 4High Quantity of Diamonds: Micro Pave jewelry contains many small diamonds that are packed into a small area. This gives an amazing sparkling look.
Step 5Shine: Micro Pave has an incredible shine to it, due to the many diamonds used.

The Lingo

Pave Setting: Precision setting of very small diamonds using a microscope.
14K Gold: The value of gold is measured according to its purity and its purity is measured in karats (Kt). Karats measure how much pure gold is in each piece. For Example, 24 karats is considered 100% gold and 10 karats contains only 41.7% gold. 14 karat = 58.5% gold.

The Experts

Love to Know says this about micro pave engagement rings: "Micro pave settings are even more intricate, and use the smallest possible diamonds to achieve a uniform glitter on the ring's surface." "Because the diamonds or diamond chips used in micro pave are so small, the ring's surface is smoother than with larger pave settings." "Smaller stones can fit together more closely, eliminating even more metal from showing through the diamond encrustation."

The Brands is the best place to go for Diamond Micro Pave rings.

The Price

$: Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconia Earrings and Pendant Set This sterling silver necklace and earrings is a "best buy" at $79! The entire gift set is pave set with brilliant white zircons, giving diamond-like shine at a fraction of the cost.
$$: 14K White Gold Blue & White Diamond 1.0 Carat Pave Set Heart Pendant Set This is a truly beautiful pave set diamond heart pendant. One full diamonds is set into 14 karat white gold and suspended on an 18 inch 14 karat white gold chain. Three floral bursts of brilliant blue diamonds are set into the piece making this item a real treasure.
$$$: Diamond 2 Carat (ctw) Criss Cross Cocktail Ring in 14K White Gold Set Two full carats of brilliant white diamonds, 165 in total, are pave set in this fabulous cocktail ring. The band is a substantial gallery backed, comfort fit ring with a top that is encrusted in diamonds. Over the band lies a beautiful suspended diamond criss cross design that gives the ring depth and intricacy.