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 Hudson Jeans Triangle Pocket Bootcut Stretch Jeans (Scorpio Wash)
Hudson Jeans Triangle Pocket Bootcut Stretch Jeans (Scorpio Wash)

How to Buy Jeans

By Maudie BantaSHOP.COM Contributor

Jeans are probably the most versatile piece of clothing you can buy, they can be worn almost everyday and if you find the right kind they can be very comfortable. There are so many different styles and fits out there that it can be hard to pick which one will look good, feel good, and work best for you. It is also important to know what trends are helping or hurting you. Like the recent skinny jean trend, these really only work on people with hour-glassed shaped bodies. But if you really like that fit, there are other options out there, maybe try straight-legged jeans. Before you start shopping for jeans remind yourself what you are looking for, is it jeans for everyday use, or jeans for a more edgy nighttime look.

The Basics

Step 1Straight Figured: If you are straight figured, look for jeans that have designs or flaps on the pockets, along with boot cut or flared bottoms, which will give you more curves.
Step 2Pear Shape: You want to stay away from designs and flaps on the pockets which draw attention to your hip area. Stick with the darker colored jeans that are either boot cut or straight legged.
Step 3Hour Glass: Hour Glass figures should aim for the skinny jeans with low rise, this style will emphasize your body while looking very trendy.
Step 4Petite: If you are on the smaller size stay away from jeans with cuffs at the bottom, this will shorten your legs. Look for jeans with hems that skim the floor, this will give you the illusion of a couple extra inches.
Step 5Thicker Figure: Stick with the mid to high rise jeans, this will give you tummy control and won't push up your love handles. The boot cut or a bit of a flare will also be flattering.

The Lingo

Boot Legged: this means that the jean has a bit of a flare at the bottom making them look great with heals or boots, while also slimming your thigh area.
Boyfriend fit: They are suppose to fit as if you were wearing your boyfriends jeans, meaning they will be baggy in the thigh area, but tighter at the waist.
Classic Fit: this was the original style for jeans, it normally is in between the slim fit and the relaxed fit
Distressed: this style normally has holes throughout the jeans with the fabric fringing, this style can be fun and comfortable if there is a limit to the distressing, but too many holes can make it just look trashy.
Embellishments: could mean anything from having metal studs on the back pockets, or having a gem design. Jeans with embellishments tend to have either a cowboyish type of look, or a seventy's disco appeal.
Flared: this means that the bottoms will be a little more rounded then the boot cut style, it give is a tamed bellbottom look.
High-Rise: Will fit right around your waist, being a little bit above your belly button, perfect for tummy control.
Low-Rise: this means that the jean will lie just below your hipbone, although this style is popular, it is very hard to wear unless you have an hourglass figure. It often results in muffin tops and exposure of your bottom.
Relaxed Fit: these are going to be loose in the thigh and waist area, normally not worn to show off your figure.
Skinny Jeans: or also known as slim, are tight around the thigh and continue straight down with no flare at the bottom, normally tight fitting a little bit below the ankle.
Straight Legged: There is no flare with these jeans, they are straight and tight fitting, looking great on straight figured women.

The Experts

iVillage " Flare: Bootcut styling not brave enough? Bell-bottoms a little too daring? Then jeans with a flare leg might be the style you're looking for. They're the modern version of the bell-bottom, only a little tamer. This style is typically fitted through the seat, thigh and knee, then flared at the leg opening." Calvin Klein has great flared jeans.
Goodhousekeeping " The higher rise keeps your midriff covered and controlled, while the body-friendly fabric won't pinch or bind - or create spillover." Check out Svoboda 'Kate' Stretch Denim Trouser Jeans from Nordstrom.

The Brands

Levi's having been the originator of jeans, it is no surprise that this brand offers a huge selection of styles and fits. They have everything from your classic fit jeans to the new skinnys. These jeans are made with quality and will last a long time.
True Religion are frequently worn by celebrities and have made a name for themselves as high-end designer jeans. They tend to be on the more pricey side, but this is because of the quality of denim that they use and the insurance that they will last throughout everyday wear.
Lucky Brand Jeans have all the styles and fits allowing you to find the one that fits you best. Their jeans tend to have a more distressed sort of comfortable look, which make them perfect for your everyday jeans.
Mossimo from Target has great classic and relaxed fitted jeans for everyday use that are affordable too!
Not Your Daughter's Jeans have a more grown up look, but also offer style, tummy control, and a more stretchy fabric. Check out these Boot cut tummy tuck stretch jeans
Joe's Jeans are stylish and comfortable, they also offer plus sizes that have more stretch to the fabric and more flattering fits, like Joe's boot cut stretch jean
Liz Lange from Target has special styles like "under the belly" and maternity to help make sure that your jeans fit you right and comfortably.
Gap has a great selection of jeans that are inexpensive. They range from the stylish jeans to the more reasonable jeans that are more appealing on and emphasizes you assets. Like these Navy Wide Leg Jeans
DKNY has great jeans for all figures that have both boot cut and skinnys. These super cute Carpenter Cropped Jeans are perfect for a nice breezy day.
Calvin Klein offers plus size, petite sizes, and regular sizes in a large selection of styles and come at reasonable prices. Here is one of their plus size boot cut

The Price

$: You can find jeans for pretty cheap; it just depends on how long you want them to last. Old Navy and Forever 21 have jeans that range in the $18-$40 price range which are affordable, but might not last you very long.
$$: The next price range up are jeans in the $50-$100 range, these are perfect if you are looking for everyday wear jeans, that you can either wear shopping, out to eat, traveling, or to sporting events. Like these Lucky Brand Jeans.
$$$: These are your designer jeans, that will have designs and embellishments on the pockets and have bold threading which can cost you any where from $140-$250 Like these True Religion Jeans.