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Jessica London's empire swimsuit
Jessica London's Empire Swimsuit

How to Buy Swimwear

Everybody can look good in a bathing suit! You just need to know which styles and patterns accent your body type. We are all built differently and not all bathing suits were made to flatter your body, so piecing together the right combinations of tops and bottoms will give you the confidence you need to strut your stuff. Now with the latest bathing suit trends ranging from triangle bikinis to one pieces, it has become even easier to look both stunning and stylish. By knowing your body type and following these simple shopping tips, you will be out lounging by the pool in no time!

The Basics

Step 1Smaller chest: look for bathing suits with patterns like stripes or floral, along with tops that have padding or are push-up. This will help give an extra boost in that area.
Step 2Bigger top: for large busted women, look for halter tops, they are both supportive and allow you to show off your shoulders. Another style that is supportive are spaghetti strap tops, which also accent your chest and shoulder area
Step 3Curvy mid-area: a one piece is a great style because it allows you to hide that area without being completely covered up. So look for one pieces that ruche around the stomach area and drape the fabric, this will create a slimming affect.
Step 4Don't love those handles?: low-rise bottoms tend to make your love handle area look worse, so try a little bit higher wasted bottoms like mid-rise; this will draw the attention to your long legs while hiding your muffin top.
Step 5Larger Bottoms: Stay away from patterns and stick with dark colors. Try wearing brighter colored tops with dark bottoms; this will draw more attention to your chest area. Also look for suits that are low rise and have a high leg cut.
Step 6Athletic Body: look for bathing suits that give the illusion of curves meaning bottoms with wide waist bands and wide shoulder straps

The Lingo

Bandeau Bikini: a strapless bikini top that ties in the back
Bralette: looks like a bra, the straps go over the shoulders and allow you to adjust them
Boy shorts: look similar to boys briefs as they cover up your back area and give you curves
Halter Top: the straps are tied behind the neck with another tie in the mid back, this gives great support
Hipster: bottoms that are cut straight along the hips
Low-rise: bottoms that lay right below the hip bone, be care with these as they don't always give you the coverage you need
Monokini Suit: a bathing suit who's top and bottom is connected while still showing off your sides
Muffin Top: when stomach fat hangs over the waistband of a piece of clothing
Ruche: a ruffle or pleat of lace, muslin, and other material
Tankini: the top of the suit looks like a tank top while the bottoms are like bikini bottoms. It provides stomach coverage but gives you the bathing suit feel
Swimdress: is a one piece that has a skirt added on around the middle section. The skirt goes to about mid thigh. Perfect if you are trying to cover up your thighs

The Experts

Fitness Magazine says "Steer clear of styles that are skintight around your stomach. Your ideal tankini top is slightly loose but not billowy. Use tricks like draping and shirring to conceal your belly." Try one of these colorful tankinis from The Company Store or one of these great tankini styles from Newport News.
Self Magazine "Blame the style, not your body," Nash says. If a suit doesn't fit, move on.

The Brands

Target is a great place to look for a bathing suit because they have all styles for all body types, including plus sizes. Not to mention their suits are super trendy, cute, and affordable!
Victoria's Secret swimwear is not only extremely sexy, but extremely affordable! They know what good support means and they make sure their suits provide that for their customers.
J.Crew makes their swimsuits with high quality materials and provide a range of different styles -- allowing you to mix and match depending on your body type.
Women Within has great plus size clothing that's cheap too! They offer clothing, shoes, & lingerie all geared towards plus size women. Their bathing suit section offers great styles to create more slimming effects.
Jessica London offers plus size women a more sophisticated look, while also allowing them to be fashionable. Their suits are both affordable and slimming!

The Price

$: Cheaper brands ranging from $10-$30, like Target, won't empty out your pocket, but don't last as long and are usually made with cheaper material. For a stylish and affordable option, try Target's Tracy Feith Flower Bottoms
$$: Bathing suits from J.Crew and Gap will meet you half way at prices starting around $30 all the way to $60. These are great suits to buy for long-term wear and will get you your money's worth.
$$$: The high end bathing suits may seem pricey, but because they are made with better quality fabrics and by experienced designers, they will probably last longer. These bathing suits normally cost around $70-$200. Designers like Juicy Couture and Trina Turk offer styles from one pieces to bikinis, allowing you to find ones that are right for your body.