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Average Customer Rating for Target:

"Target is my favorite store, and closest store to me. However, when they ceased offering the competitive cash back and distributor point rewards through a global company, I started shopping at 'the other place. Target: you can be competitive and customer friendly! Please upgrade your cooperation with www.shop.com/weshopandearn and increase your rebate and points offer. You are loosing about $200.00 a month just in my purchases alone. The trend is on-line shopping and in-store pickup. You offer both and do a good job processing these. But, also as a user of the above free shopping site and an online entrepreneur, I must go where I get the most for my dollar. Sorry! You know what to do, Target CEO."
Date: 6/18/15
"no cashback? come on!"
Date: 3/22/15
"Target's in store pickup is the best in the biz, BUT their exclusions are out of control. So they're extremely limited on what's actually commissionable right now " Deals apply to online purchases only and may not apply to all purchases. Coupons and/or promotional codes found outside of SHOP.COM, either from the retailer or from a third party, may not be eligible for cashback on SHOP.COM. Excluded categories and are as followed: Baby care (diapers, wipes, formula), all gift cards, school & office supplies (paper & art supplies), Pharmacy (including OTC), Sweet JOJO, Target Photo, Apple, video games and consoles, contract mobile phones, books, magazines, music, sports and fitness equipment, grocery (food, beverage and household commodities), pets, health, personal care and beauty items. Target reserves the right to deem products ineligible for cashback." Also- they're not offering cashback, so I suppose I'll just buy at walmart or any of the other thousands of stores on shop.com until they fix this. BYE"
Date: 3/4/15
"Love the store! Pleeeeeaaaassssseeee beg them to offer cashback again! I can't tell you how upset I am that they stopped!"
Date: 2/25/15
"very disappointing to have the items I wanted to order not be available online "
Date: 2/3/15
"I have had the same problem with the Target.com web site with the cart emptying as someone else mentioned. I called technical support or customer service and they had me clear my cache and cookies and then it worked. I had to do it again the next time I shopped. They need to fix that."
Date: 1/29/15
"I have been EXTREMELY disappointed with the registry services. I have used it twice recently and both times it was a terrible experience. I do not even want to use the registry anymore!"
Date: 10/27/14
"I love Target but lately their website has been having major issues. It's hard to keep customers on the site when the cart keeps emptying itself and being stuck. This has been happening many different times and with several people. Please fix your problems with the cart."
Date: 9/15/14
"I love Target! Plus they had the best description of the product I was looking to purchase. That made all the difference when I couldn't see it in person."
Date: 5/9/13
Date: 12/14/10
"Great site to get Target items. Their shipping has improved and they are much faster at delievering purchases now. I shop this on line store as well as their bricks and mortar stores."
Date: 7/17/10
"I really like Target. I just don't live close to one. I like that they offer free shipping on many items when you spend $50, but I don't always like to spend $50. When I do make large purchases, I am extremely happy that they offer free shipping. I only wish there was one I could shop at locally."
Date: 7/16/10
"Great selection here just like I'd expect in the store!"
Date: 5/13/10
"Obviously you can't turn down Target's selection or prices and I'm very pleased with the shipping, etc...but I can't give them 5 Stars because they are the big brother squashing all the little competitors :/ Hooray for America!!!"
Date: 3/1/10
"Target is the BEST! I love Target. Everyday essentials, cool stuff and great for birthday gifts, etc. Besides, they always have great prices."
Date: 10/12/09

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