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What does a certified OneCart®
Trusted Merchant mean to you?

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Only stores that have been certified by SHOP.COM can be on SHOP.COM.
Only SHOP.COM certified stores earn the status of OneCart ® Trusted Merchant.

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Every merchant bearing the OneCart trusted merchant logo on SHOP.COM, whether a well-known brand or specialty
retailer, has been fully vetted by SHOP.COM and certified to be both
reputable and trustworthy.

 • All OneCart trusted merchants have appropriate safeguards to protect your personal
information. See our privacy policy.

• All OneCart trusted merchants fully comply with all consumer privacy laws and rigidly
adhere to your opt in/opt out marketing preferences.

• All OneCart trusted merchants assure the prices on SHOP.COM are the same as those
shown on the merchants' own sites.

See our Safe Shopping Guarantee.

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