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Single Bottle (8 fl. oz.)

GlobalCare Plant Power is not a fertilizer or a plant nutrient. Rather, its unique enzyme formula reacts with soil organic matter to release and activate the many nutrients in the soil. Soil imbalances are caused by a lack of organic materials and...
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  • A safe, non-toxic concentrated solution of naturally-fermented enzymes
  • Effectively decomposes complex organic material in soil to simple nutrients
  • Nitrogen encourages green, thick and uniform grass and plant growth
  • Enzyme helps loosen the soil, making nutrients available to the plant root system
  • No need for adding other chemical products such as fertilizers
  • Aerates and oxygenates the soil while improving water retention


Product Brochure

GlobalCare Plant Power is not a fertilizer or a plant nutrient. Rather, its unique enzyme formula reacts with soil organic matter to release and activate the many nutrients in the soil. Soil imbalances are caused by a lack of organic materials and enzymes. GlobalCare Plant Power helps improve soil's capacity to retain nutrient cations (calcium, magnesium, and potassium), and helps break bonds to transform ammonium to nitrate and phosphorus into phosphate-forms usable by plants.


Enzymes are proteins which help accelerate the process of chemical reaction. Enzymes’ function varies inside living organisms. It breaks down large molecules into smaller ones so that they can be absorbed by creatures. For example, enzymes break down the starch chains into smaller molecules such as glucose and make them absorbable by living organisms. Without enzymes, metabolism of creatures would either progress in different steps or not be fast enough to serve the needs of the cell.

Nitrogen is an essential part of amino acids and nucleic acids, both of which are essential to all life. Plants absorb nitrogen in the form of nitrates, which are present in soil from natural mineral deposits, artificial fertilizers, animal waste, etc. After absorption, nitrates are converted to nitrites by enzymes and then converted to ammonia by another enzyme.

Minerals usually come from the soil, are dissolved in water and absorbed by roots of plants. There are not always enough minerals in the soil for plant growth or to maintain their health. For that reason, gardeners and farmers use fertilizers for their lawns and plants. Nitrogen is one of the major minerals that is usually lacking from the soil because plants need large amounts for growth and survival. Other minerals contained in the soil are phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, boron, copper, iron, chloride, manganese, molybdenum and many others.


What time of year is best to do the initial application?
Initial application can be made at any time during the spring, summer or fall.

Is there a temperature range beyond which it is not a good time to apply GlobalCare Plant Power?
The temperature range for application of GlobalCare Plant Power is 40 degrees F - 100 degrees F.

Is there a time of year that is the worst for application?
The worst time is when temperatures are below 40° or above 100°F.

Are there advantages to using an organic fertilizer (fish, chicken, manure, etc.) versus a chemical fertilizer? Can it be done right after the first application?
Organic fertilizers are superior to chemical fertilizers, but less is required if using GlobalCare Plant Power.

Do the enzymes accelerate natural breaking down of soil to such an extent that when you quit using it the soil rapidly collapses?
No. Once the enzymes are applied, they continue to work. Re-application is recommended only in 2-3 months to replace those enzymes that may be degraded during the growing season.

We have low growing shrubs near a parking strip where there is no grass, but the ground is very hard. Can I spray the GlobalCare Plant Power over the area to break up the ground for better growth of the shrubs? Or should I use GlobalCare Lawn Power?
GlobalCare Plant Power and Lawn Power will prove beneficial anywhere there is hard ground.


We decided to try Plant Power in our greenhouse that we use to grow greens, snap peas, onions, etc. Wow! I have to say that the leading brand doesn’t hold a candle to Plant Power. It works great and our greenhouse is overrun with vegetables.

Brian Nott

I have been an avid gardener for many years and recently added Plant Power to my flowers. I have always had a nice garden, but my lilies really responded to this product (as well as many other plants). I will be sharing this product with more of my neighbors and other people who like to garden and don't want to use harsh chemicals as food for their plants and flowers.

Charmaine Wolfgram

We have used Plant Power with absolutely fantastic results in the vegetable garden . Recently we showed our vegetable garden to the chairman of the local Master Garden Club (with 32 sub-garden groups). They were astounded and were dumbfounded over the results. They had never seen tomatoes and cucumbers of that size. Neither had they seen such exuberant growth of pole beans and such a bean harvest. She was so impressed we are now giving presentations to other gardeners on how to get the best results from your garden with Plant Power!

Greta and Vincent Huygen, RN and MPAcct.

As an ISA certified Arborist in Woodstock, Vermont, I have been using all sorts of plant health care products to increase the health of my client’s trees and shrubs. I know a great product since my family has been arborist for over 47 years: Plant Power product works well in all sorts of environmental conditions.

David M. Neal

ISA Certified Arborist NE-0675

We only have a three-month growing season, so we don't often get our tomatoes to ripen soon enough to harvest a good yield before the first frost. Last year I used Plant Power on my tomato plants and found I had huge healthy plants that produced a yield of tomatoes that kept us fed into late October. Thank you, Plant Power and Market America, for providing us with such a powerful, non-chemical product.

Sharon Dricken

Hazelhurst, Wisconsin

I decided to give Plant Power a test on my raspberry patch. I only treated half the patch with Plant power and I couldn't believe the difference it made in the fruit's flavor and size. I did a comparison and the side treated with Plant Power produced larger and sweeter fruits. The raspberries on the treated side were almost the size of quarters and so sweet they just melted in your mouth. The raspberries on the untreated side were dime size and not nearly as sweet and tasty. That made a believer out of me for using Plant Power. MA Distributor


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Finally plant growth after 7 months


Shop Consultant

Shop Consultant is an independent distributor of this product.

on 07/04/2016

I purchased a Christmas cactus in November and while it was doing okay, I wasn't seeing new growth at all. For seven months, I continued to see no new growth. I decided to give this product a try and after the very first application, I started seeing new growth. After 2 applications, I have 8 "leaves" and they most of them are almost full-sized now.

I was skeptical but now I'm a believer!


Shop Consultant

Shop Consultant is an independent distributor of this product.

on 06/17/2016

We just put in brand new plants in our garden last fall. By springtime they were just beginning to grow. My husband and I decided to try this on one side of the garden only and see what a difference it would make. After just 2 weeks there was a noticeable difference and I had to order the larger size. The plants are so lush and beautiful it's hard to believe they are just growing in.

for trees


Shop Consultant

Shop Consultant is an independent distributor of this product.

on 05/30/2015

I am an ISA Certified Arborist and a Connecticut Licensed Arborist. My past experience with this particular product was very good. Unlike most folks, I purchased this in much larger quantities. We mixed the product in a large high pressure tree sprayer and saturated the area under some sugar maples that were under stress. Every couple of years I go back to the site and find them doing well. I like the fact that this product does not overtly stimulate top growth at the expense of root volume. In addition to this, the rate of puddling under trees in heavier soils has been reduced thereby rapidly increasing oxygen concentration to all soil profiles. I recommend this.



Shop Consultant

Shop Consultant is an independent distributor of this product.

on 09/22/2014

I have a few plants that looked like they were just about dead in the house. I used some of this and in a week I started seeing the plants sprout more leaves and branches. I also used it on my Pepper and Tomato plants and After 2 weeks they were almost triple the size and saw more output. Highly recommend this to anyone into gardening. It's a must have. Better than Miracle Grow

Really Works!


Shop Consultant

Shop Consultant is an independent distributor of this product.

on 04/13/2014

I used it on my 3 yr. old Kumquat Tree that had gotten extremely was nearly toast! It recovered & fruited for the 1st time, bearing over 100 + fruits! Also, used it on my other patio plants, Gardenias, Plumerias, Cactuses & succulents! Works great on indoor plants too! The bottle is too small!