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Royal Spa® from Market America


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Royal Spa provides the luxury treatment that skin and hair deserve. Made with plant-based ingredients, the lavishness of Royal Spa products are exquisitely complemented by some of nature's most revitalizing elements, such as Aloe vera and chamomile. The extensive line is designed to address the most essential body care needs, with effective, gentle formulas that induce the relaxing experience of spa treatment.

The combination of quality and noticeable results places Royal Spa in a class of its own. Enhanced with vitamins, protein and natural botanical extracts, each product is diligently crafted to achieve superior results. Clean, silky and revitalized skin along with light and manageable, frizz-free hair with luminous texture are all part of what Royal Spa has to offer. Royal Spa improves the look, feel and health of hair and skin and delivers the satisfaction of pampering that everyone desires with mild, stimulating products with inviting fragrances.

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