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Saks Fifth Avenue Deals and Information Shipping and Return Policy

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Shipping and Return Policy

Standard Shipping


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  • Continental US
  • 3:00 PM PST
  • 5-10 business days


Saks Fifth Avenue launched, offering an enhanced, personalized, online shopping experience. You may shop at in many ways: by a distinct look, a specific designer or an individual item. is committed to providing the same legendary service and style found in all Saks Fifth Avenue stores. Gift card purchases are non commissionable.

Customer Service:

Phone: 877.551.SAKS

Customer Service Email:

Store Conditions

International Shipping: If for some reason, there are any items that cannot be exported from the U.S. and/or imported into your choice of destination, you will be
notified during the checkout process. The items that cannot ship to any particular destination will also be marked in the product description area on the site. Examples
include gourmet foods, oversized items, monogrammed items, and items from specific vendors. *See merchant's site for more details. Gift cards purchased and E-Gift Cards purchased are non-commissionable.

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* Deals apply to online purchases only and may not apply to all purchases. Coupons and/or promotional codes found outside of SHOP.COM, either from the retailer or from a third party, may not be eligible for cashback on SHOP.COM.

Tax Info

Tax will be applied in the following locations:

  • AL,
  • AZ,
  • CA,
  • CO,
  • CT,
  • FL,
  • GA,
  • IL,
  • IN,
  • LA,
  • MD,
  • MI,
  • MO,
  • NC,
  • NJ,
  • NV,
  • NY,
  • OH,
  • OK,
  • PA,
  • SC,
  • TX,
  • VA,
  • WA

Saks Fifth Avenue Deals and Information

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