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Ultimate Aloe™ from Market America


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Discover the benefits of pure aloe vera with Ultimate Aloe products from Market America. Aloe vera boasts over 200 active compounds, including vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and enzymes, that aid in digesting food, soothing skin irritation and boosting the immune system. Unlike many other aloe vera products, Ultimate Aloe gel, juice and powder are made from whole-leaf aloe vera, providing more aloe vera health benefits than products made from just one part of the plant. Ultimate Aloe dietary supplements also bear the seal of the International Aloe Science Council, giving you confidence in the purity and aloe content of these products.

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Convenient and Concentrated Aloe Vera

Maximize the benefits of drinking aloe vera with Ultimate Aloe juice or aloe vera powder, both of which are concentrated aloe vera products that contain 50 percent more of the active compounds than ordinary aloe vera juice. Each box of Ultimate Aloe powder or bottle of juice includes 16 servings of concentrated aloe vera, making it easy to enjoy a healthy drink that promotes normal digestion and supports a healthy immune system at home, at school or in your office. Ultimate Aloe is also available as a topical rejuvenating tonic for soothing skin irritation, sunburns, minor scrapes, insect bites and more.

Whole-Leaf Aloe Vera Without Unpleasant Side Effects

Enjoy aloe vera health benefits without concerns about digestive upset. Ultimate Aloe products are virtually free from aloin, a natural compound that acts as a laxative. Each aloe vera dietary supplement by Ultimate Aloe is made from whole-leaf aloe vera gel that is pasteurized to prevent spoilage and contamination, and careful processing ensures the highest concentration of beneficial polysaccharides in their most bioactive state. Because every part of the plant is used, Ultimate Aloe products contain active agents from the sap and rind of the plant as well as the gel in the center of the leaf. Whether you use Ultimate Aloe products internally or topically, you can feel confident in the purity, concentration and standardization of these products each time you purchase them.

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