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5 Supplements to Consider for Managing Stress
There’s no denying it: this year has been particularly stressful for many of us. Aside from the perfectly normal, everyday stresses we each face at work and at home, there is plenty of other larger-scale, external factors weighing heavily on a lot of peoples’ minds.
Everybody experiences stress differently. We “feel stressed out” when we are overwhelmed, either emotionally or physically, and our body and mind react accordingly. That reaction differs from person to person. We’re also all triggered by different things. Events, situations, encounters we have with other people—each of us is predisposed to react to certain stressors in our own ways. You can learn more about the stress response—the biological and chemical reactions that occur in the body when we experience stress—in our helpful guide, "What Supplements Promote Relaxation & Reduce Stress".
Because everybody responds to stress differently, it makes sense that everybody copes with stress differently, too. Some people relax with exercise, yoga, or meditation. Other people have a certain hobby or activity that distracts them from their stress. And other people might need assistance to reduce stress.
While no dietary supplement can “make stress go away”, certain nutrients do support a healthy bodily response to stress, by promoting optimal health and supporting the various processes and mechanisms in the body that are activated by stress. While you should always consult with your physician before taking something for stress, these five supplements may help support your health*
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