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Dishwasher Buying Guide
A good dishwasher is an essential in the home, but buying a new one is no simple task. These days dishwashers offer lots of flashy new features, but which ones are really worth paying for? Read our guide to decide which type of dishwasher you need.

 Dishwasher Types

 Features to Look for
Quiet running: Dishwashers have a decibel (dBA) rating that shows how loud they are when running. DBA levels under 45 are nearly silent, while 45–50 is quiet and over 50 will be at normal conversation level. If noise is a concern, look for dishwashers with noise reduction packages that include quiet motors and extra insulation.
Adjustability: The best dishwashers have an adjustable configuration so you can raise or lower racks, fold down tines, and remove baskets to accommodate any type of load.
ENERGY STAR: ENERGY STAR qualified dishwashers have been certified by the EPA to use 41% less energy than other models, which makes them a good choice for saving energy and helping the environment.
Tub material: Most dishwashers have durable plastic tubs, but some higher end models have stainless steel interiors. The stainless steel resists stains and odors, and dries dishes faster with less energy because it transfers heat so well.
Self-cleaning filters: Many dishwashers use manual filters that need to be occasionally cleaned, but others have self-cleaning filters that grind up food particles. This allows dishes to be loaded without being rinsed or scraped first.
Sanitizing rinse: If you’re especially worried about germs, look for an NSF certified dishwasher. They kill 99.9% of bacteria by using water heated to 150 degrees.
Soil Sensors: Dishwashers with soil sensors can monitor the amount of food on dishes and adjust the water level and wash time accordingly, which reduces the amount of water and energy used.