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Why Should I Moisturize?
Facial moisturizers aren’t just for people with dry skin. Moisturizing is actually a crucial step in the skincare process that keeps your skin healthy and looking great. Check out our guide to learn about the benefits of moisturizing and how to find the right product for your skin.

Moisturizer for Your Skin Type
Oily Skin: Use a lighter formula like a lotion or gel that won’t make your skin greasy, and look for formulas with exfoliating ingredients that will keep your skin healthy.
Dry Skin: Use a thick cream moisturizer, which has higher oil content and will penetrate deeper into your skin for intense hydration.
Combination Skin: You may want to apply moisturizer only to dry areas, or use two different moisturizers for dry and oily areas. Look for moisturizers that don’t contain acids and are designed to balance the skin.
Sensitive Skin: Look for moisturizers that are free of irritants like parabens, oils, and fragrances. If your skin is extremely sensitive, look for hypoallergenic products or ones with all natural ingredients.

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Moisturizer FAQs
How often should I moisturize?
You should moisturize as often as you wash your face—usually once in the morning and once in the evening.
Where does moisturizing fit into my skincare routine?
Moisturizer repairs the dryness caused by skincare products, so it should be used after your cleanser and toner.
What is the difference between facial moisturizer and body moisturizer?
Body moisturizers are formulated to deliver intense hydration to the skin and are often too greasy for use on the face, which is a more sensitive area. Facial moisturizers are formulated to provide hydration without making the skin oily.
What type of facial moisturizer should I use?
There are many types of facial moisturizer: creams, gels, lotions, liquids, and more. Look for a product that provides the level of hydration your skin needs—light for oily skin, and more intense for dry skin. If you have a preferred skincare system that works well with your skin, look to see if they carry a moisturizer as well.