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Fragrance Buying Guide
Choosing a fragrance but feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the types and terms? Our guide goes through the different types of fragrances, fragrance notes, and tips on how to wear them!

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Fragrance Types by Concentration
Fragrances are made up of a small amount of the actual fragrance (usually either an essential oil or synthetic fragrance) diluted in a solution of alcohol or other ingredients. They are categorized depending on their fragrance concentration, which is the percentage of the solution made up of the pure fragrance. The higher the concentration percentage, the stronger and more fragrant the perfume will be and the more expensive the final product. While perfume is often thought of as exclusively for women and cologne exclusively for men, this is a misconception. In actuality these names refer only to the strength of the fragrance and not the actual scent. A fragrance is often offered in multiple concentrations, so it can be bought as a perfume, a eau de toilette, a cologne, etc. Depending on their preferences, a woman may prefer to wear a particular fragrance in a cologne and a man might prefer the perfume. The different fragrance concentrations are described below.

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