A good handbag is a must-have, but the options are almost endless. Take a look at our guide before you start shopping to get a handle on the basic handbag styles and materials so you'll know what to look for!

Handbag Styles

Tote Bag
Tote: Generally the largest type of handbag, with a square or rectangular shape, long straps that go over the shoulder, and lots of room to stash anything from a laptop to a change of clothes. A great choice for the pack rat who never knows what they might need to bring with them, or wants a bag they can take from work to the gym or even the beach.

Hobo Bag
Hobo: This bag is worn over the shoulder and has curved, slouchy top that creates a relaxed silhouette. The roomy interior makes for a stylish alternative to a tote, and is great for casual settings.

Satchel: A structured bag with short handles on the top or side which is carried rather than worn over the shoulder. The satchel is sleek and professional looking but still offers a good amount of room, making it a great choice for the office.

Bucket Bag
Bucket: A rounded or cylindrical bag that is cinched together at the top with a drawstring. The bucket style is available in many different sizes and strap options, from stylish mini bags to oversize carry-alls.

Crossbody Bag
Crossbody: A small bag with a long strap that can be worn over the shoulder and across the body to rest on the opposite hip. This little bag has just enough room for the essentials and is great for taking on day-long adventures, since it's hands-free and won't weigh you down.

Saddle Bag
Saddle: A trending type of crossbody bag with a rounded shape and a flap over the top opening, harkening back to the style of saddle bags that were once used on horses. Saddle bags are one of the most popular silhouettes of the moment, perfect for the fashion lover!

Clutch: The smallest type of handbag, which generally has no strap and is held in the hand. The clutch is the most formal type of handbag, used in the evenings or at events. They come in many different styles and silhouettes, and usually feature embellishment of some sort.

Handbag Materials

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