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Choosing a Pie Pan: Glass, Ceramic, or Metal?
A good pie pan makes more than just those perfect pumpkin pies at Thanksgiving—you can use it to whip up frittatas, quiche, pot pies, and more. Looking for a pie pan that you’re sure to love? Check out our tips and overview of the most common types of pans, and you'll be on your way to pie-making heaven!

 Buying Tips

Size: The standard size for pie pans (also called pie plates or dishes) is 9” across and 1 ¼” deep, though you can find specialized pans in other sizes. For recipes that require a thicker filling, you can find deep dish pans (also called quiche pans) that are 1 ½ - 2” deep.
Pie vs. Tart Pans: Pie pans have sloped sides and a flat or fluted rim around the edges for the crust to sit on. Tart pans have straight sides, no rim, and often have removable bottoms. Depending on what you make more frequently, a tart pan might work better for you!
Features: You can find pie pans with extra features like crust protectors, ventilated bottoms, and shields to prevent the crust from burning before the pie is cooked. But many cooks say these features can end up causing other baking problems, and the best thing to do is pay a little more up front for a pan made of quality materials.