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A good razor is an absolute necessity for getting the best shave, but what type to use? Electric or manual, disposable or cartridge, rotary or foil--there are a lot of options out there. Take a look at our guide to learn about the different types of razor and get the pros and cons of each!

Electric Shavers
Electric shavers use razor heads that spin or oscillate underneath a perforated metal guard to cut the hair as it comes through the guard. While electric shavers can’t get as close of a shave as razors, they are extremely popular because they can be used dry without shaving cream or water, making them an extremely quick, convenient, and portable shaving option. An electric shaver can be an expensive purchase upfront, but the heads only need to be replaced every year or so, often making them more cost effective in the long run than cartridge razors, which need replacements monthly or even weekly. Below are the two main types of electric shavers, as well as features to look for.

Instead of using electricity, razors are used to wet shave by hand, with the help of shaving cream or gel. Razors use one or more straight stainless steel razor blades against the skin to cut the hair. Below are the four main types of razors.

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