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Tablet Buying Guide
Tablets are becoming an increasingly popular way to stream video, play games, and perform work no matter where you are. With the processing power of a computer and the portability of a smartphone, these device combine functionality with convenience. There are lots of tablet options out there, so check out our guide to learn what to look for in an opterating system, processor, screen, and more.

 Operating Systems

 Factors to Consider

A single core processor is sufficient for basic tasks, but most people will want at least a dual core to allow for quicker processing and multitasking. Quad-core processors are best for those who will be running intensive apps and games, and usually have a whole core devoted to battery to allow for longer battery life. Don’t forget to look for a GHz amount—higher numbers will mean a quicker runtime for your tablet.

In order to have internet access wherever they go, many people pay monthly for a 3G, 4G, or LTE data plan through their cellular network. These plans often let you share an allotted amount of data between your tablet and other devices. Others prefer to connect to wifi hotspots in their homes and when they travel in order to avoid paying a monthly data fee.