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Choosing a VR System
Virtual reality is becoming more and more pervasive in our world, allowing you to step into and react with a host of different virtual worlds, experiences, and games. Whether you’re looking for the most immersive gaming experience, a cutting-edge creative outlet, or a way to travel to places you’d never be able to see otherwise, virtual reality has you covered. Read our guide to learn about the different types of virtual reality products on the market today!

3 Types of VR Systems

Graphics & Display
CG vs. Photosphere Display
There are two types of graphics used in VR. Either a fully computer generated 3D environment is created, or 2D imagery taken from the real world (usually from 360-degree video) is wrapped around the viewer in what is referred to as a photosphere. Which type is used depends on the game and whether a real-world environment is needed or a completely different surroundings are required. 
Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality
With virtual reality, your true physical surroundings are blocked out completely and replaced with an artificial environment. Augmented reality simply means virtual elements are overlaid on top of your real-world surroundings. Some augmented reality systems simply use your phone’s camera to add elements to what you’re viewing, while others have headsets or glasses that allow you to see your surroundings. Some VR headsets also include a passthrough camera so they can be used for augmented reality applications as well as VR ones.

Uses for VR