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Leptin, Ghrelin & Cortisol: The Impact of Hormones on Weight

What is Ghrelin’s Function?
Ghrelin has a variety of functions, but when it comes to weight, it is the hormone that tells your brain when you’re hungry. Ghrelin’s main function is to increase your appetite. It is produced in your stomach, and released into your bloodstream when your stomach is empty. This is why it’s called the hunger hormone; the emptier your stomach is, the higher the levels of ghrelin are in your system. Ghrelin also affects your carbohydrate metabolism, which as you can see in our guide on carbohydrates, is also important for weight management. 
While ghrelin levels usually rise when your stomach is empty, they may also rise due to overactive ghrelin receptors, which may cause you to eat more even if your stomach isn’t completely full.

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