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Add SHOP.COM products to your cart or MyList from Twitter!

You can add products from Twitter replying to a SHOP.COM product tweet using #SHOPCart or #SHOPMyList.

How to do it

  1. Connect your SHOP.COM account with Twitter by going to Social Settings within My Account settings.
  2. Reply with #SHOPCart or #SHOPMyList to any tweet with a SHOP.COM product link in it.
  3. Enjoy the time you saved, the product has been added to your SHOP.COM Cart.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my social accounts?
Click on the "My Account" link in the SHOP.COM header, select "social settings" and click the Twitter link to connect your accounts to SHOP.COM.

How do I use this on Twitter?
When you see a tweet that contains a link to a product on SHOP.COM, simply reply (retweet) and include #SHOPCart or #SHOPMyList. SHOP.COM will do the rest.

Why do I need to connect my Twitter account?
In order to leverage #SHOPCart or #SHOPMyList, SHOP.COM needs to associate your Twitter account with your SHOP.COM Account. This allows SHOP.COM to add the items you retweet directly to your Cart or MyList. Without this link, SHOP.COM would not know whose Cart or MyList to use. You can opt out by disabling the connection in the My Account - social settings section of SHOP.COM.

Will #SHOPCart or #SHOPMyList work if my social account is not public?
No, these features only work for public accounts. For example, if your Twitter account is protected, only your followers can see your Tweets.

Am I automatically purchasing when I retweet with #SHOPCart?
No, retweeting with #SHOPCart will only save the item to your SHOP.COM Cart. You need to return and check out on SHOP.COM to finalize your order. SHOP.COM will send you a reply with the status of your retweet and letting you know it was successful.

Can everyone see what I've added to my SHOP.COM Cart?
If your Twitter account is public, your #SHOPCart tweets will be visible in your feed and to anyone else on the thread.



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