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Whether remodeling your kitchen or purchasing new appliances and power tools, The Home Depot provides products and services for all your home improvement needs. Non-commissionable items include services and all gift card purchases. (the purchase of a gift card and using a gift card to buy another gift card are both non-commissionable.)

Home Depot Reviews

Store Conditions

Non Commissionable items include services & all gift card purchases. (the purchase of a gift card and using a gift card to buy another gift card are both non-commissionable.) Appliances are not eligible for cashback.

* Deals apply to online purchases only and may not apply to all purchases. Coupons and/or promotional codes found outside of SHOP.COM, either from the retailer or from a third party, may not be eligible for cashback on SHOP.COM.

Home Depot Deals and Information Reviews

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"Great store"

- by EDDIEA 

on August 25, 2017

"Home Depot is AWESOME! I typically order online a use the In Store Pickup. If your fortunate to have two locations near my location, I have two options to choose from. Home Depot's website has product quantity posted on their website so I pick the store that has to most quantity and usually my order is ready for pick-up in about an hour rather then they're posted time line of two hours. Nice Job Home Depot."

- by Anonymous 

on May 27, 2016

"My husband visits Home Depot all the time, and it always takes forever to wander all over the store finding what he needs. Now I order what he needs on the website, and pick it up at our local store. Saves me money (with cashback) and time!"

- by HollyF 

on December 18, 2015

"Great prices. Have a good selection of items in store. The buy online pickup in-store option is great. Usually ready in less than an hour."

- by JustinR 

on December 10, 2015

"I use Home Depot all the time. I order and am able to pick up my items at the customer service desk where they have my order together and bring it to my car all with in an hr or so. This saves me so much time. And when going through my website I earn cashback on all my work and home projects. As a professional my time is valuable Home Depot understands this. The money I save and earn back is why I always go to Home Depot through With the \"site to store\" feature I can always get exactly what I need. I have called the store when making my order to clarify specifics and the staff can always connect me to someone willing and able to answer my questions. With always knowing the deals and %OFF items even overstock items.. I can make the best decisions for my bottom line. This is brilliant shopping and savings at your fingertips! "

- by HeatherP 

on November 20, 2015

"Home Depot is one of the leading retailers when it comes to online shopping. I have had great results ordering \"site to store\" and picking the items up at the service counter in a matter of 2 hours! Amazing! Incredible customer service and quality I got cash back on my site! This is the 100% best smart money management tool!!!"

- by MartinM 

on December 13, 2013

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