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Get a Personalized Approach to Your Unique Health Potential

Introducing Nutri-Physical — a personalized nutrition, exercise and nutraceutical questionnaire written with you in mind.

Nutri-Physical combines your lifestyle, health goals and even your sleep habits to give you a comprehensive and thoughtful look into your personal health obstacles and successes.

Nutri-Physical is built by physicians for you, your practitioner or any other trusted health advisor!

It gives you the blueprint to follow to discover what supplements, meal plans and stress and sleep protocols are going to work best for your lifestyle. In addition, you can customize your program as little or as much as you want by taking all or one of the personalized quizzes. While the competition is making one-size-fits-all recommendations, Nutri-Physical is listening and catering to you!

Let Us Get to Know You

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To start, tell us a little about you and your goals. When Nutri-Physical knows how you prefer to take supplements, if you have any dietary restrictions or how many days per week that you exercise, our experts can take your supplement program to a whole new level.

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Offer as little or as much information as you want. There are eight lifestyle quizzes to drill down on the common areas of health. Each of us has a unique health history; therefore, there are unique factors that keep us feeling less than optimal or prevent us from reaching our health goals.

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These health targets fall into common categories – sleep, stress, fitness and diet. With nutriPhysical, we know your unique presentation is also the outline to your unique program. The more information we have, the better Nutri-Physical can create personalized recommendations.

Now is the time to see what kind of results you are getting from your lifestyle and ask, how can you reach the best potential for your health.

Personalized Health Has Never Been Easier

Once you have completed the initial health quiz, you will be given the option to continue so you can input your journey in detail to truly customize your program. Whenever you are ready, you can view your personalized recommendations and simply order. You can start with one product that Nutri-Physical will prioritize for you, or you can take advantage of the full scope of recommendations.  Whichever you decide, know that Market America products are built around evidence-based ingredients shown in clinical studies to perform for the betterment of your health.

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