ShopBuddy FAQs

What is ShopBuddy?
ShopBuddy is the fast, fun, free and an easy way to save money on your online purchases! ShopBuddy alerts you to the latest deals and coupons available at your favorite merchants' websites saving you time and money. If you have ShopBuddy go to your favorite merchants' website, sign-in and click a deal within ShopBuddy to activate the deal and start saving money. Don't have ShopBuddy? Download ShopBuddy for Free and start saving money now as well as earn Cashback on your eligible purchases.
Is it available for all browsers and mobile devices?
ShopBuddy works on IE, FireFox, Chrome and Safari for Mac only. Safari for Mac is available for Mac OS 10.8 and higher and Safari version 6 and lower is not backward compatible or available for tablets example: iPad.

ShopBuddy is available for iOS now. Visit the Apple App store today and download ShopBuddy Mobile.
I cannot see the Coupon Codes?
Flash plugin is required to see and copy coupon codes.
Why do I sometimes get redirected to SHOP.COM to sign-in?
If you ever clear out your history and cookies for a specific browser ShopBuddy will need you to sign- back in as it no longer recognizes you and you need to be signed-in to earn cashback. This will also happen when updates are released for ShopBuddy.
How can I tell if I am earning Cashback?
Ensure you are signed-in to ShopBuddy by seeing your email address within ShopBuddy and activate ShopBuddy by clicking on a deal within ShopBuddy. If your email address is not showing, login or change the email address. You must click a deal within ShopBuddy to activate the deal so we can track cashback on your eligible purchases.
Will I earn the same Cashback amount seen on SHOP.COM using ShopBuddy?
Is using ShopBuddy safe?
Sharing Computer - I share a computer, how do I change the user to ensure I am earning Cashback?
Within ShopBuddy click on "Not You" and enter in your email address and hit "Enter".
How do I invite my friends and family to use ShopBuddy?
To invite friends and family to use ShopBuddy click on the Invite Friends Now button at the bottom of ShopBuddy and enter in the email addresses. A comma is required between each email address. Once all email addresses are entered submit the request by hitting Go.