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What Are The Benefits of Antioxidants? 
What Are Antioxidants?
The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health says that antioxidants are substances that promote cellular health. They do this, in part, by protecting the body from free radicals. Oxygen free radicals—or, free radicals formed by unstable oxygen molecules—are the most common type that we can be exposed to. Antioxidants act as free radical scavengers that seek out unstable oxygen molecules and pair electrons to the atom’s outer shell, effectively neutralizing free radicals.
Antioxidants are found in certain foods, and can also be introduced into the body through dietary supplements. Dietary supplements are a great way to offset an antioxidant-deficient diet, but even if you eat plenty of antioxidant-rich foods, dietary supplements can still be beneficial in combating free radicals.
Where do Antioxidants Come From?
Isotonix® produces some of the most powerful antioxidant supplements on the market today, and we do that by combining high quality ingredients that are powerful sources of antioxidants.
Some vitamins are antioxidants. Vitamin C, in particular, is one of the most popular and multipurpose vitamins in the world. Vitamin C helps support cardiovascular health and may promote normal pulmonary health.* Furthermore, it’s rich in ascorbic acid, a powerful and water-soluble antioxidant.
Vitamin C is found in a plethora of citrus fruits, peppers, greens, and other fruits and vegetables. It’s recommended that we consume five servings of Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables per day. This may not always be feasible, and that’s where the Isotonix® Vitamin C supplement comes in, delivering 500 milligrams of this key antioxidant, or 556% of the recommended daily value.
The Benefits of Antioxidants
Antioxidants are thought to have far-reaching, positive effects on cardiovascular health, pulmonary health, and the immune system, but it all starts with one thing: cellular health. The chief role of antioxidants is to stabilize free radicals to support cell health. On a cellular level, antioxidants:
  • Promote a healthy cell cycle. By combating free radicals that create unstable cells and spread like a chain reaction, antioxidants help support normal cell cycles and cell integrity.* Acai Advanced Energy and Antioxidant Formula and Resveratrol may assist in this.*
  • Cellular health. Antioxidants, particularly our Maximum ORAC Formula and Resveratrol, help maintain cellular health by helping our bodies’ ability to distinguish healthy cells from those that have been impacted by free radicals. Bromelain Plus is another excellent supplement that assists in this process.*
  • Apoptosis. Resveratrol, which is an antioxidant found in red wine, promotes apoptosis (programmed cell death) in unhealthy cells. Programmed cell death can potentially minimize the spread of free radicals to healthy cells.*
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product(s) is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
*** Pycnogenol® is the registered trademark of Horphag Research, Ltd, and is operated by U.S. Patent #5,720,956;6,372,266 and pending applications and internal patents. 
Sources: “Antioxidants: In Depth.” National Center for Complimentary and Integrative Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 4 May 2016. Web. 21 Dec. 2016, nccih.nih.gov/health/antioxidants/introduction.htm#refs.
The Best Antioxidant Supplements from Isotonix®


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