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Macronutrients Guide: What Are Healthy Fats?

Can fats ever be healthy? If so, what are healthy fats? The truth is that fats are a macronutrient: like carbohydrates and proteins, they are essential for promoting optimal health and normal bodily functions. Macronutrients provide calories and nutrients, though they cannot be produced by the body, and must, therefore, be consumed in your diet.
Healthy fats, therefore, are part of a well-balanced diet. Not all fats are healthy. Different types of fats have different potential impacts on your body, and it is important to be discerning when choosing which ones to incorporate into your diet. However, the weight management approach that many people initially think about--removing fats completely from your diet--is not an effective, healthy, or sustainable way to promote your general wellbeing. In this guides, we’ll explore the different kinds of fats and how to choose the right ones for you.

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