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What Vitamins Are Good for Memory?

Certain Isotonix products contain vitamins that may help promote cognitive health. Vitamins may be broadly defined as substances necessary for the maintenance of normal biological processes.  Most vitamins are considered “essential,” meaning they cannot be produced in the body and therefore must be consumed from a source outside of the body. As such, adding vitamin supplements to your diet may help promote your overall health. Some vitamins that may help promote cognitive health include*: 
  • B Vitamins. Pyridoxal-5 Phosphate (Vitamin B6) is involved in the synthesis of neurotransmitters in the brain and nerve cells, and is recommended as a nutrient to support mental function. Thiamin HCl (Vitamin B1) increases energy and helps promote mental clarity. These vitamins are found in the primary Isotonix product for B vitamins, the Activated B Complex. The Isotonix Multivitamin may also help promote mental clarity.*
  • Zinc. Zinc is an essential trace mineral that plays a part in almost all biochemical pathways and physiological processes. In addition to supporting the immune system, it may also help support cognitive function. Zinc is found, along with vitamins B1 and B6 - and many others - in the Isotonix Multivitamin and the Isotonix Immune supplement.*
  • Plum Powder. The Isotonix Maximum ORAC formula contains a powerful blend of berries, black currant, plum, and essential vitamins to provide a powerful network of antioxidants. ORAC, or Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity, is a measurement of the antioxidant capacities of different foods. In addition to its high ORAC content, the plum powder found in this supplement may also help promote cognitive health.*

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